Web Catalyzer To login:


Username: j.michale@tvwonder.com(sample) 


To create more username and password for other users, please send an email to sstephen@appmastery.co and cc will@appmastery.co and tsriganeshan@appmastery.co.


1. Hover your mouse over “Pages” and click on ” + Add Pages” from the drop down menu. 

2. Enter a name  for the newly added page. 

3. All necessary components for the page can found on the right side of the page. under “Component List”
4. Simply double click on desired component to generate on your page.

5. Hover over the newly generated component with the mouse curser to view component’s customizable options. This allows you to move, copy, duplicate, delete, drag and drop the newly generated component appropriately as per your need.    

6. Simply click on a template to view all its customizable options.  
7. Here you can, add, delete, edit images, texts, their layouts, backgrounds, shades, size and shapes in any way you want.

8. We weren’t joking about our customizable options. 

9. All Done ! You just created your own web page and you did it all by yourself.  

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